Heritage Girls School: The History

The Heritage Girls School, established in 2014, embraces the challenge of nurturing individual talents and strengths while developing character, academic excellence, leadership, social responsibility and physical wellness.

Perched picturesquely on a verdant hill on the banks of Lake Baghela near Eklingji, Udaipur, Heritage Girls' School admits girls from classes IV to  IX & XI . The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi and the Cambridge Assessment International Examination, United Kingdom.

With a fully air-conditioned campus, the school provides technology-enabled classrooms, an Activities Centre, well-appointed Laboratories, Dance and Music Studios, a modern Sports Complex comprising half-Olympic size swimming pool, a Fitness Centre and courts for Tennis, Badminton, Squash and Basketball Hockey, Football and a 200 meters athletic track.

The Heritage Girls School is located on the NH-8 and is well connected by road. With the airport just 30 minutes away, the school is well -linked to destinations all over the country and abroad.

The endeavor of this unique girls boarding school is to provide an atmosphere that is empowering and enriching. It works on the premise "Every girl is a leader" providing a platform for her to come out of her shell, learn & bloom.

At Heritage Girls School you will find an ethos of tradition, truth, responsibility, and respect; a curriculum that meets the challenges of a global society; outstanding infrastructure and facilities for learning; excellent pastoral care for every child; an educational community committed to ensuring that every child is happy and successful.


Heritage Girls School aspires to provide an enabling environment that is intellectually stimulating  and culturally  rich, where every girl strives to find her purpose in life so as to be of  value to society. To nurture  a questioning  mind, an uncompromising sense of  fair play  and a deep concern for the less  fortunate and for the environment we live in.

An enabling environment refers to an atmosphere that gives the girls opportunities to experiment, innovate and learn; where they have the freedom to articulate their thoughts, speak their minds, choose their direction.

Everything the girls do and everywhere they go, has to be an opportunity to learn, to think, to grow. They are challenged to think critically, to reason and to come up with ideas that are theirs. The intellectually stimulating environment at Heritage Girls ensures this at all times.

The environment at Heritage Girls School is culturally rich in that it  seeks out  all that is new, rich and unfamiliar; revels in celebrating differences and encourages embracing diversity so as to enrich oneself.

Every human being is born for a purpose; and to find one’s purpose in life is of vital importance. At Heritage Girls School,  the students are exposed to myriad experiences  so as to help them touch lives and to  find their purpose.

One of the most important objectives of education is to create agents of change who will be able to improve the fabric of society so as to make a better world. Whatever the girls learn here is directed towards being of  lasting value  to society and  to the world at large.

Heritage Girls School is committed to moulding life-long learners, who will carry the  flame of knowledge all their lives, wherever they go, igniting the minds of people around them. This is possible only if one is able to cultivate a questioning mind, to question superstitions & archaic practices and to shun ignorance.

An uncompromising sense of fair play: In a world that is  not always just or fair, it is easy to get carried away, to forsake one’s values. Early in their lives, it is ingrained in the girls that any kind of injustice and unfairness is unacceptable, be it in the classroom, sports field or in  the society they will  live in. It is in their hands to make it possible.

The foremost value that we, at Heritage Girls School insist upon is, gratitude. The girls realise that they are lucky to be born in a wonderful family, to be able to enjoy good education and to have a life filled with abundance. They are conscious that they owe it to themselves to share these blessings with those that are less privileged than they are. Community service is thus a part of their daily routine, as is a deep awareness that looking after the environment and the planet they live in is their prime responsibility.

Heritage Girls School is committed to these goals and strives to work towards their realisation.


The young people that we are working with today, are a generation of extremely evolved, creative and critical thinkers, who need to be challenged constantly, every minute , every where. The innovations and inventions that have taken place in the past decade, spearheaded mostly by the twenties- something people, bear testimony to this.  The educators and the education system today, is stuck in a time-warp and  needs to be upgraded  to provide the stimulation needed to whet the kind of latent talent available in every classroom.

The need of the hour is to shed the old and embrace the new;a paradigm shift in the  mindsets and methods of dealing with the young, so as to provide the right soil to foster leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators who will usher in the new, vibrant India.

At Heritage Girls School, this is the endeavour. For, a new world is in our hands



Mrs. Jamila Singh
Chairperson-Advisory Board

Ms. Jamila Singh is a legend in educational circles, particularly in the Indian Public Schools circuit.

She began her career at the Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya, Gwalior. She moved to Welham Girls School, Dehradun and later became its Vice Principal. She is the founding Principal of the prestigious Mayo College Girls’ School, Ajmer. She headed the Mayo Girls’ School for 25 long years with dedication and devotion and has made MCGS the most respected girls’ residential school in the country.


Principal-Ms. Tulsi Bhatia

Known as the pioneer of finishing schools in India, Ms. Tulsi Bhatia started her career as a teacher of English. She moved to the prestigious Good Shepherd International School, Ooty where she was Academic Coordinator for several years. As the Founder- Dean of the Good Shepherd Finishing School( GSFS) , she was instrumental in bringing the institution to its position as the best finishing school of the country.



Ms. Bhuvneshwari Kumari


Bhuvneshwari Kumari is a former woman squash champion of India. She was bestowed the Arjuna award in 1982 and Padma Shri in 2001 for her achievements in Squash. Bhuvneshwari Kumari ,also known as Princess Candy was born to the royal family of Alwar in Rajasthan on 1 September 1960 and is the granddaughter of Tej Singh Prabhakar Bahadur. She was educated at Delhi University. She was Women’s National Squash Champion for 16 years in a row from 1977 to 1992. She is winner of 41 State titles and 2 International titles (Kenyan Open 1988 and 1989).



HH Maharani Mandakini
Kumari of Santrampur


HH Maharani Mandakini Kumari, is the daughter of Raja Digvijay Singhji and Rani Asha Kumari of Raghogarh. She is married to Shri Paranjay Aditya who was elected to the Gujarat Legislative Assembly in 2007 from Santrampur constituency. They have two children, a daughter, Princess Kriti ranjanii Kumari (born 1996) and son Yuvraj Vrishankaditya Parmar (born 1998).



Mrs. Nandita Singhal


Ms. Nandita Singhal, a successful entrepreneur, is CBO at Secure Meters , an Electrical/ Electronic Manufacturing Unit , Udaipur. A graduate from the Lady Sriram College, New Delhi, she is an alumna of the prestigious Welham Girls’ School, Dehradun. Well known in social circles as a person who is deeply committed to social causes, Ms Singhal is at the forefront of several community welfare programs in the state.



Yadvendra Mathur( I.A.S. )


Mr. Yaduvendra Mathur, IAS, CMD EXIM Bank, Jaipur Shri Yaduvendra Mathur, IAS of Batch 1986, is Chairman & Managing Director, Rajasthan Financial Corporation, Jaipur . Mr. Mathur is an MBA (Finance & Personnel) and has graduated from Economics. Mr. Mathur started his career in the year 1986 and has held esteemed positions in various departments of Government of Rajasthan. He has served as Collector and District Magistrate in Bhilwara and Bharatpur.

Mr Mathur was the Deputy Director of LBS National Academy of Administration in Mussoorie. In his career, he has held position of Assistant to Executive Director of African Development Bank at Abidjan, Cote D’IVOIRE. He has also held the position of Principal Secretary to Government, Finance (Budget) Department. Prior to taking over as CMD of the EXIM Bank he was the Director General of Revenue Intelligence (Finance Department), Rajasthan.



Mr. Ashok Patni


Mr. Ashok Kumar Patni is a Co-founder of Patni Computer Systems Ltd. Mr. Patni served as Joint Managing Director of PCS Technology Limited since December 30, 2005. He has over 22 years of experience in computer hardware and systems software. Mr. Patni has contributed significantly in the past to the growth of the hardware business of PCS company which led to the formation of PCSDP in 1981, and PCSDG in 1987. He serves as Non-Executive Vice Chairman of PCS Technology Limited and has been its Non-Executive Director since January 22, 1981. He served as Non Executive Director of Patni Computer Systems Ltd from October 1, 2007 to May 12, 2011 and previously served as its Executive Director until October 1, 2007. He served as Director of Patni Computer Systems (UK) Limited, a subsidiary of Patni Computer Systems Ltd. He is a Mechanical Engineer from IIT, Mumbai.



Mr. Shailendra Agarwal


Shri Shailendra Agrawal, an IAS officer from the 1986 batch of the ,Rajasthan cadre, is a Post graduate in Chemistry .His earlier assignments include Director, Commerce Ministry, Govt of India, Commissioner Udaipur, District Collector of Ajmer. Currently Shri Agrawal is First Secretary,Permanent Mission of India to the WTO, Geneva.



Mr. Jaswant Singh Bhandari


Dr Jaswant Bhandari an eminent personality and academician at heart. He has held prominent positions as a member of the Academic Council, Exclusive Council and is a member of the Board of Control in Udaipur University. Mr Bhandari, along with an Advisory Board that comprises of eminent personalities, has envisaged the alumnae of the school to become morally strong and knowledgeable pillars of society.


One of the strong points of the school is its teachers. As a fully residential school, Heritage enjoys the advantage of having all faculty members on campus and hence available for the students around the clock for academic mentoring, emotional support and for training in activities.

Faculty members are specialists in their own subjects and are qualified to teach both the CBSE and the Cambridge Assessment International Education curricula. All teachers are selected through stringent screening processes set by the Academic Council and have to conform strictly to the requirements of a boarding school.

Besides sound subject knowledge, strong communication skills, a progressive attitude, a positive outlook and a keen understanding of the psyche of growing children and adolescents are some of the qualities that we look for in all those who deal with the girls of Heritage Girls School.

The school is committed to staff development through ongoing in-service programmes and subject workshops.

The teachers are in turn committed to the academic progress of every girl. They undertake remedial tuitions to make up for weaknesses in any area. The school does not encourage private tuitions during the vacations.



  1. All girls must report on the notified date at the beginning of the term.
  2. Delay in reporting without permission will result in consequences as decided by the Principal/Discipline Committee


  1. The Heritage Girls School is a fully residential school; all students reside in the Maitri  House & Gargi House.
  2. Parents/guardians are required to read the school rules as mentioned in the Policy Booklet given during Admissions to familiarise themselves with the expectations.Ignorance of school rules will not be accepted as excuse for non-compliance.
  3. Visitors are not allowed to visit the Boarding House.
  4. If there are no local guardians for girls, parents are requested to mention the name and address of a close relative/responsible person who could be contacted in case of an emergency.
  5. No cash, tuck or valuables are allowed in school. This is a rule which must be strictly adhered to.
  6. Possession of cell phones/narcotic substances/ alcohol/cash is strictly prohibited.


  1. Educational tours are organized during the term as a part of the academic programme every year. These are escorted trips and  it is compulsory for all students to participate.
  2. International trips, like tours to NASA, and exchange programmes abroad  are also organized from time to time. These trips are optional and are for  selected students only.
  3. Exchange programmes to school in International locations are organized from time. The students who have been selected for these trips will only be eligible to participate. The selection process is done by a panel l of teachers and the Principal.
  4. Sufficient notice regarding the duration and  approximate estimate of  cost incurred for these trips will be given to parents.Leave will not be granted to the student during this period for any other reason.
  5. Parents/ relatives are not allowed to go to meet the students at these destinations.
  6. Permission to be taken out by relative /parents will not be entertained during excursion/trips.


Girls are not allowed to leave the campus without permission. Any girl doing so will be deemed to have broken bounds and may be suspended or even expelled.

  1. Only visitors who are close relatives and have been authorized by parents (in writing), are allowed to meet their wards on the stipulated days and on holidays mentioned in the school calendar. A telephonic message will not be accepted. Visitors are not permitted on any other day whatsoever. Visitors are requested not to linger beyond stipulated time thereby making it necessary for staff on duty to have to request them to leave.
  2. Visitors are requested to meet the Principal/Housemistress before meeting their wards. No Visitors are allowed to meet any girl without the permission of the Housemistress/Principal.
  3. Visitors will meet the students in the school visiting room/lobby only. They are not permitted to loiter in the campus or visit the hostel.


The school calendar registers one weekend off in  six weeks. The students can be collected after classes (1.45pm) on Friday and have to report before 5 pm on Sunday. Efforts are made,while making the calendar, to coincide the weekend off  with a festival if it falls at the end of a week. However, this is not always possible.

There are no holidays for any other festival except Diwali. All national holidays and festivals are celebrated here and parents are not permitted to visit the student on any other day than the stipulated ones.

It is optional to take the students out during the scheduled weekend off. Recreation and outings are organised in the school itself for students who stay back.

Only parents are allowed to collect the student for any weekend or any other outing that entails a night-out. The Local guardian can only collect the student on Sunday at 9 am .

Failure to report back at the stipulated time will result in withdrawal of privileges.


The student will not be permitted to go out with a driver, friend, cousin or parents of other students. Kindly do not make any such requests.



  1. The Principal reserves the right to withhold permission for an outing with any person, even though authorized by the parents, if she feels necessary to do so in the interests of the girl/or School.
  2. Parents and grandparents are requested to ensure that girls do not move about town unescorted on outing days.
  3. Misbehavior and unbecoming conduct in the town during outings is not appreciated. 

    Timings – 1.30 P.M. Saturday to 1.45 P.M. on Sunday.
    Girls returning late will forfeit all outings for the following month.
  4. Saturdays are full working days. However, a girl going out for a night outing will be permitted to leave only after 1.30 P.M provided her presence is not required for a school event or an extra class.


Parent-Teacher Meetings (PTMs) and Outings scheduled on designated weekends facilitate visits by parents to a residential school to meet the staff and their wards.

Parents and guardians can have an update on their ward’s progress through inputs from HM / Academic-Coordinator and subject teachers through e-mails and interaction during PTMs.


  PTMs are generally scheduled on days that coincide with either the Founder’s Day or the Annual Athletic Meet. These will be indicated in the School Calendar. (Please check the school calendar posted on the website for the designated PTM days.)
VENUE — Academic Block and Activity Block
TIMINGS — As indicated in circular.


Following are the guidelines and procedures to facilitate parents applying for leave other than those mentioned in the School calendar.

Notwithstanding the type of leave and their admissibility, leave is not a right but a privilege given to children.


1. Medical Leave:

  • Medical leave may be granted on medical grounds for which the leave application needs to be addressed to the RMO.
  • Period of leave- As ascertained by the RMO and approved by the Principal
  • Authority to Sanction Leave: The RMO will recommend the Medical Leave to the Principal who will be the sanctioning authority. Parents and HMs will be informed by the RMO

2. Wedding Leave:

  • Wedding leave may be granted in case of marriage of an immediate family member (blood relation). The relatives would fall in the aforesaid category:-
    • a. Real brother and real sister.
    • b. Immediate uncle or aunt (paternal and maternal).
  • Period of leave
    • a.Wedding- two days.
    • b.Journey- actual journey period by the shortest and most convenient route/ mode of transport.
  • Leave will be sanctioned by the Principal only if the wedding card is affixed to the application which has to reach at least 15 days in advance.
  • Leave will not be granted for a wedding if an examination or important school function coincides with the date.( Please refer to school calendar) 
  • Leave for a wedding of a relative will be granted only once in an academic year.

Compassionate Leave:

  • Leave will be granted in case of an unfortunate demise of an immediate family member. The following would fall in this category:-.
    • Parents
    • Real brother and real sister
    • Immediate uncle and aunt ( paternal and maternal)
    • Grandparents (paternal and maternal)
  • Period of leave:
    • Condolence ceremonies – two days
    • Journey
  • Authority to Sanction Leave: is the Principal.
  • A special privilege of an extra Sunday off will be granted on the week of the student’s birthday.
    An outing will not be given for a birthday falling during the weekdays.


  • Leave for ‘Mundan’, Special poojas, ‘GrahPravesh, ‘Anniversaries’ ‘Birthdays’ and Festivals etc. will not be entertained and parents should not expect a reply/ response to their requests either.
  • Extending of any leave without the sanction of the Principal will result in withdrawal of privileges.

Heritage Learning Centre

Moving classroom ensure that the students go from one faculty room to another for every lesson, thereby keeping monotony and ennui at bay during school hours.The Learning Centre is made up of faculty rooms that subject teachers occupy, creating live spaces and interactive walls, and displays hand -made charts and working models that speak of the lesson of the day. The Language department have nooks for showcasing the creative jottings of students for all to see and emulate. Students panning all age-groups get exposure to Science projects and History models done by a particular group generating discussion & ideas.

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