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 Principal-Ms.Tulsi Bhatia

The young people that we are working with today, are a generation of extremely evolved, creative and critical thinkers, who need to be challenged constantly, every minute , every time. The innovations and inventions that have taken place in the past decade spearheaded mostly by the twenties something people, bear testimony to this.  The educators and the education system today, is stuck in a time-warp and has not been upgraded enough to provide the stimulation needed to whet the kind of latent talent available in every classroom. The need of the hour is to shed the old and embrace the new;a paradigm shift in the thinking and methods of dealing with the young, so as to provide the right soil to foster leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators who will usher in the new, vibrant India.

Shriyans is Master's in Entrepreneurial Leadership Graduate from Babson College. An alumnus of Jai Hind College, Mumbai and Mayo College, Ajmer. He is an ardent marathon runner and has authored “Birds of Aravallis” in association with Rajasthan Tourism and BNHS India. He has spoken at various environmental and entrepreneurship forums including the ones at Harvard Kennedy School, Babson College, MIT, Wharton and TEDx Youth WASO, Dubai. Shriyans is passionate about his vision of bridging the social, economic and environmental gap through Greensole, which is a company refurbishing discarded shoes to comfortable footwear and of creating an infrastructure, which enables everyone to have the basic necessity of footwear, forever. His venture Greensole has received appreciation letters from President Barack Obama and Sir Ratan Tata and has been featured in Forbes, Bloomberg, Vogue and BBC among others. He is also the director at Heritage Girls School, which is a girl’s residential school in Udaipur with CBSE & Cambridge board. The school is ranked among the top 10 girl's boarding schools in India by Education Today.

 Director - Shriyans Bhandari (CEO & Co-founder Greensole)